Our designs are focused on accurately communicating the core of an idea, in a way which cultivates a high standard of
beauty, sustainability and functionality.



Keep it simple, logos must attract not repel
by remaining closely indicative of a
specific idea. Logos are symbols which are easily identifiable and represent meanings beyond their physical self.


Borrowing the stylistic features of 20th Century Surrealism, theses illustrations coil, invade and bewitch the viewer in an air of fantasy and illusion. Illustration is the art of using hand-rendered imagery to clarify an idea or theme. 


 What makes persons choose your brand
over another? Branding allows individuals
and businesses to distinguish themselves
from competitors, reach target audiences
and create brand loyalty.

Experiences designed to connect and inspire awe and wonder.


Origin aims to provide a solution for the creation versus evolution controversy, which is an ongoing debate surrounding the origins of the universe and life. This solution may be conveyed by merging symbolic commonalities found in scientific and religious cosmology. The mural is manifested in the form of a transitional mural, indicative of evolution, change and transformation. The illustrations are crafted to converge both aesthetically and contextually, to convey unity rather than division. 


IMG_8117 2.JPG

Graphic Design projects which embody concept and purpose.


Enigma: A Message in the Stars shows that humans were once a species beholden to the cosmos, whose relationship with celestial bodies had become disconnected during the modern age. The project serves to recontextualise the human being with these celestial bodies and restore order and balance, as a way of curbing self-indulgent attitudes towards our planet and its resources.


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