Our designs are focused on accurately communicating the core of an idea, in a way which cultivates an exceptional standard of
beauty, sustainability and functionality.



Keep it simple, logos must attract not repel by being a focused identifier of your products or services. Logos like all other great symbols should be easily identifiable, unique and communicate ideas clearly.


Borrowing the features of Surrealism, illustrations coil, invade and bewitch the viewer into an air of illusion and fantasy. Illustration is the art of using hand-rendered imagery to depict or clarify an idea or theme. 


Branding allows you to distinguish your products and services from competitors, reach target audiences and create brand loyalty. We carefully assemble and tailor branding devices, to suit your specific needs.

Experiences designed to stimulate your mind, body and spirit.


Origin aims to provide a solution for the creation versus evolution controversy, that age-old ongoing debate concerning the origins of the universe and its inhabitants. This solution is conveyed by merging symbolic commonalities found in both scientific and religious cosmology rather than focusing on the subtle differences which spark dispute. The project is manifested in the shape of a large transitional mural, to indicate the one universal law in nature which is “all things must change and adapt to circumstances”. The illustrations which occupy the scene are positioned appropriately to converge in the central figures of man and womankind, to convey an idea of unity rather than division. 


IMG_8117 2.JPG

Creating unique dimensions to convey a multiplex of ideas.


Enigma: A Message in the Stars shows us all that humans were once a species beholden to the cosmos, and respectful of the fragile balancing forces of nature. Our relationship with celestial bodies and nature itself, had become disconnected during the modern age when mankind became masters of their own fate. The project serves to recontextualize the human being within the realm of the celestial and restore order before our chaotic ways destroy us all. It seeks to curbing self-indulgent attitudes towards our planet and its resources, by showing the negative impacts of our imperious behaviour on the world and each other.


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Using the designs of the past as a guide towards the future


Metroparadise explores art and how it can be integrated within architecture, to help tell the story of specific space and time. The underlying infrastructure of Downtown Kingston’s neglected buildings, holds a record of our capital city’s marvelous and also tumultuous past. The project looks at Kingston through the critical lens of its initial purpose, as Jamaica’s religious, political, commercial, and recreational hub and illustrates each in symbol. The transitional mural uses the past and present as inspiration, to illustrate the restoration of these historical hubs to their former glory. The restored city shows a vision of an area that is welcoming, uncluttered, immaculate and is a true visual representation of what it means to be Jamaican through futuristic landscapes and architecture.