Design is Everywhere

Design is Everywhere. Such a profoundly factual statement. The concept is about unity for all design within the context of Caribbean culture. This vector illustration is a visualization of that concept, which doubles up as a social media marketing device for Verovitae Studios.

First off its composition is made up of the signature undulating and trippy line-work of Illustrator Leighton Estick. The design was divided into a 3x3 matrix to remain attentive to the Rule of Thirds in the design procedure. The main curvaceous form introduces the design from the top left corner and creates a frame for the focal point of the image being the couple dancing to the right.

Various combinations of colours which are associated with tropical culture were used to identify with that culture. The purple background colour nicknamed Moonrise, occupies the sky because it is the least recognisable of the visual spectrum. The colour also appears within the Verovitae logo. Every blue seen in the design signifies the beautiful aquamarine seas symbolic of tropical waters, which are occupied by also locally based gold snapper fish.

To introduce more colour into the scene a Birds of Paradise flower is morphed from the waves of the sea, then further morphed into coconut palms. The coconut palms have suggestive swaying lines indicative also of the powerful sea breezes unique to the Caribbean islands. An interesting subliminal design feature is shown in the shape of the two bees that form the eyes of a smiley face under the crescent moon.

Lastly, the couple dancing to the right is the focal point of the image. The lady's red dress complements the gentleman's blue t-shirt while they dance under the moonlight. A subtle clue that the gentleman is beholden to the lady is the inclusion of the red colour with the feather seen on his fedora hat. This same feather can be seen as identical with western wedding traditions of the groom and groomsmen, wearing similar colours as the bridal party. This design which has no real title takes its strength comes from the dichotomy between both focal points: the couple on the right (visual) and the text to the left (literary). Doing so gives the viewer two ideas to focus on: the information presented in the text and a representation of the text in an image also known as an illustration.

The general idea within the symbolism shown is that as the text suggests, design really is everywhere. One just has to look for it whether in the form of inspiration or finished creations. It is in music, dance, skies, seas, plant life, wildlife, other people, other cultures, stars, literature, landscapes and many more. The answers to the world's most troubling issues are often sitting right under our noses. The reason why it seems too difficult to find when needed is, we tend to panic first when faced with serious difficulty. It is unfortunate but true. Design is very similar in that manner.

Designers must be able to deconstruct issues very quickly and come up with reasonable solutions that work. Design is inextricably linked to human culture and changes its shape and form in accordance with that culture. This idea is really what the undulating curvaceous composition represents a never-ending cycle of movement and change. There's no way for a designer to truly survive if they limit themselves to their own localized culture and either refuse to or do not take an interest in embracing that of others. To truly master design, one must embrace that fundamental truth that design is everywhere. Using that ethos, the possibilities are endless. Thank you.